Cleaning Solutions for the Food Industry

Technical Support

As part of our service we carry out a lot of support work for out customers, which usually involves taking a "global" look at cleaning and disinfection. We are always striving to increase hygiene efficiency on each site and we take all factors into consideration such as water,heat, chemicals, effluent, health and safety, impact on production, method of application etc.We seldom just replace a competitor's product with an equivalent of our own without questioning whether there is a better, safer, more efficient way of doing things.

In addition to this we offer the following support

  • We have qualified Food Technologists, Chemists and Microbiologists who can provide all the most up to date knowledge on issues affecting the food industry.

  • We have Lead Auditors who assess BRC, EFSIS and ISO9000 quality systems. We will carry out Hygiene Audits free of charge and advise on any aspect of Food Hygiene.

  • We will provide a comprehensive visit folder with product information, hygiene theory, product information and visit reports detailing chemical concentration and application. The chemical analyses are carried out using recommended portable testing kits suitable for use in the food industry environment.

  • We will provide Cleaning schedules from our portfolio of styles including the digital photo versions which indicate where special cleaning attention is required.

  • Chemical Handling training with practical hands-on application training