Cleaning Solutions for the Food Industry


ph category
Product Name
neutral Detsan 5 Medium activity neutral detergent + QAC
neutral Detsan plus High activity detergent with QAC
neutral Hi-bac Medium activity detergent + high QAC
disinfectant Microsan Medium range QAC mix
disinfectant Termina X High level QAC mix
disinfectant AM Amphoteric disinfectant
disinfectant BG San Biguanide and additive mix
disinfectant Rapidis Alcohol based spray on disinfectant
disinfectant Micro TC + High quality QAC and biguanide mix
disinfectant Sterawipes QAC/IPA liquor on heavy duty fabric wipe
disinfectant Chill Guard Chiller evaporator drip tray disinfectant
alkaline Hypo Sodium hypochlorite, high level chlorine
alkaline Chlortabs tablets Chlorine produced in water
acid PAA (5% & 15%) Peracetic acid at 5% & 15%
oxidative Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide solution

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