Chemical Testing Kits

How do you know that the chemicals you are using in your cleaning are being dispensed at the correct concentration levels to ensure that equipment, work surfaces, wall and floors are not only clean but hygienically clean?

The easiest check is to test the concentration levels of the cleaning solution that is actually being used by staff whether its being mixed manually or dosed through a venturi system. This can be simply done by QA staff testing for the active ingredient and will involve using either titration or colorimetric methods depending on the ingredient being tested for. Records can then be kept as part of the due diligence system and any errors picked up before problems arise.

The Titration method.
This involves taking a sample of solution and then counting the number of drops of reagent that need to be added to cause a colour change. The number of drops added is then looked up in the instruction leaflet and will give a reading of mg/Litre.

The Colorimetric method.
Here the concentration is directly proportional to the intensity of the colour after the addition of a known volume of reagent to the sample. The resulting colour is then checked against a colour chart giving the results in ppm or mg/litre .

We can supply Individual kits to test
for just one parameter such as acidity,
alkalinity or specific chemicals such as
free Chlorine


Kits that cover a range of Parameters.
For your specific requirements or more
information contact Mick Duffy by email
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