Cleaning Solutions for the Food Industry

Application Equipment

Our depth of experience also helps with chemical application systems. It is generally accepted that the method of chemical application is almost as important as the chemical product itself. We agree with this view and also believe that where ever dosing can be automated it alleviates the problems caused by incorrect concentrations where to weak can contribute to poor hygiene standards whilst to strong can result in unnecessary expenditure.In addition to this there is a reduction in risk to the staff who are not then required to dilute concentrated chemicals.

  • We have a large selection of dosing and chemical application equipment, including venturi dosers, peristaltic pumps, air pumps, fixed volume dosers and auto control systems.

  • Application equipment includes high, medium and low pressure washdown systems with integral foaming, geling and sanitising capability.

  • We also supply CIP dosing control equipment and datalogging systems.

  • We can design and project manage any equipment requirement from full CIP installation to chemical distribution systems such as ring main systems, foam cleaning and measured dose control.

  • We have qualified electricians, fabrication and installation engineers to build and install any equipment purchased from us. After purchase full spares and maintenance support is available on all products ensuring that that the equipment continues to perform at its best.